I participate in the initiative 'Pakje Kunst Maastricht'. Artists from Zuid-Limburg have made beautiful pieces to be sold in really old cigarette vending machines so that you can get your own unique art piece(s) for 4 euros. Instead of buying a pack of cigarettes, you’ll be purchasing a unique work of art from a local artist.It is to promote artists from my region and support them as well. The vending machine in Maastricht can be found  at ‘De brandweerkantine’  which is a really cute restaurant , the address of the restaurant is Capucijnenstraat 21.






Together with 15 artists [aged 18-30] we work in a great studio in Heerlen together with a coach and masters on creative skills and we work towards an exclusive group exhibition. Photo; video; design, dance; Paint; street art; artists  all disciplines participate! Collaborations that lead to even crazier ideas are encouraged. The artists will create creative concepts, interventions and art with the following starting point: Make a positive contribution to the environment and inspire others with that positivity.
Utopia is coached by Toon Hezemans, a professional who has earned his spurs in the creative field. In addition, master classes are given by renowned masters: Theo Ploeg; Arjan Winterink and Laurent Malherbe.
The exclusive group show that we organize takes place four times for a select audience. 4 artistic interventions take place in advance in the center of Heerlen, accessible to everyone. The project was founded by the Positive City Foundation and they want to exert a positive influence on people's living environment through all sorts of projects.




I was caged, I am free mural.

This mural is a collaboration between me and Marianne Krooshof. The work has been exhibited at the exclusive exhibition that took place in heerlen in June. The work is about restrained creation as an individual without shame. The individual in the mural starts as an individual who is isolated from the outside world and slowly grows into the person it wants to be.



Got It For Cheap is a traveling series of group shows including  750+ artists. All works are original works on paper and sold for the low price of $30 USD, or the local equivalent.  The goal of GIFC is to make buying original art accessible to all people and to give young artists a platform to sell their work and be exposed to a worldwide audience.






BNNVARA is a broadcasting company focused on social issues that mainly appeal to young people. They also have weekly columns with, among others, musicians & artists. I was lucky enough to score a cool interview for the 'InstaMuseum' column. Instagram is the ultimate new tool to give artists a platform and the column 'InstaMuseum' talks to artists who found their succes through Instagram. Unfortunately, the interview is written in Dutch, but you can always translate it off course!

"From holiday snaps to lunch photos - on Instagram you can get rid of it,Insta is the place to release your inner creative, but of course there are also hidden gems between the stream of amateur photographers and hobbyists .. In the InstaMuseum we talk with the artists behind the coolest Instagram pages our country is rich, how do these creatives distinguish themselves from the rest and what inspires them? In the InstaMuseum you find out. "

Checkout the link of the interview down below!

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