A customized cotton tote bag.

Shipping costs: +€ 3,00  so the total cost of the custom bag is €15,00



1.Which materials are used?

I mainly work with textile paint and markers. Sometimes also with spray cans, that depends on what clothing material it is.

2.Is there a washing instruction for the paint and markers on the clothing?

I would advise you to wash the garment in question at 20 degrees. It is also important to iron the garment inside out.

3.What kind of clothing and tote bags do you use to customize?

There are two options for the clothing / tote bag. Option 1 is that vintage clothing is reused to customize. Option 2 is that new clothes / tote bags are purchased by me. I make sure that the clothing comes from good sources.

4.Is the design designed in your drawing style?

Yes, all custom clothing is designed in my own drawing style. 





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