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"Visual representation of herself."

This painting was made on request. The person in question wanted a visual representation of herself. Keep in mind that with this commission I had total freedom what for me has ensured that I have been able to shape everything ,this  includes use of color and shape. I had to describe how I saw her and express this in form and color. For me, I see her as a colorful person who believes that the universe revolves around her in a good way. She is aware of the choices she makes in order to follow a new path and repeats this over and over again. This explains the repetitive forms that have to be reflective with which paths she still is going to walk in her life. She is the centerpiece of the painting herself. So it is a portrait. A portrait that explains that she is not afraid to take matters into her own hands to improve her life.


Barmecide is a concept. A word that sounds poetic just like it's definition. Barmecide means  "a illusory or imaginary and therefore a disappointing world." I got inspired by the word after seeing it on a essay about existence. The painting looks full and colorful but that is just something that is a hoax. In fact everything looks nice but when it comes down to the painting there are only some key points that are kind of disappointing without it's colors.

The painting is a reflection of how the world is in a sense of way. It is illusory or imaginary because existing yourself is even something that could be seen as conceptual.


A transparent love couple

This work is made in duo version, it is inspired by sexuality. In fact, it is about sexuality and especially being gender fluid. I want to mention that it is an interpretation on the topic of gender fluidity , so it is not a factual experience about what it is like to be gender fluid . The interpretation means to me that no specific gender roles are left to a man or woman and therefore there is no question of linking a gender to something as simple as a color. There are no rules when it comes down to gender and sexuality.

This boy aint no angel

This painting set is about the idolatry of boys in a family. I have grown up in an environment in which the woman is equal to the man. This painting set is mainly about the experiences I  received from the outside world in connection with idolatry in families. Mainly thinking that boys are gods and girls are just snobs. This boy aint no angel artwork is a visual work of a boy who is portrayed as an angel while he is actually the opposite but because of the society  we live in it  considered is as normal. The washed out painting stands for the washed out memories people say they have about this subject, because society makes them forget.

the living artist

Buy art from the living artists the dead ones don’t need the money. I definitely think that is important to support artists from our generation, even if you think you can’t relate to any artist look closer into it. It is such a cliché to say but everything is at a certain point created by artist to make life more enjoyable & questionable at the same time. Supporting an artist by showing something as small as interest is crucial for the maintenance of cultural maintenance. The pespective of someone who is an artist can change the way you view this world. #supportyourlocalartist

i was caged, I am free mural.

This mural is a collaboration between me and Marianne Krooshof. The work has been exhibited at the exclusive exhibition that took place in heerlen in June. The work is about restrained creation as an individual without shame. The individual in the mural starts as an individual who is isolated from the outside world and slowly grows into the person it wants to be.




Utopia by de Positieve Stad- Heerlen , June 21-22-28-29


GIFC at HE.RO Gallery- Amsterdam , June 7&8