Studio Noisyvelvetness is the creative safe place that I, Lieve Otten created with the purpose of my representation of materialistic beautiful things. Materialistic objects often get negative feedback, and I am willing to change that statement. Studio Noisyvelvetness is a meaningful desire for my art to be on display. To have the power to create and to decide myself what I truly want to show and not want to show.
Studio Noisyvelvetness began for me as  the ultimate platform for display of my artwork surrounding my own development as an beginning autonomous female artist. I first of all made a Instagram page with the name Noisyvelvetness where I would post my work that I made on school in art class but also things that I made in my spare time. I also used the Noisyvelvetness Instagram page as my art portfolio for the new study I was going to follow after high school. 

Because I always dreamed of having my own brand and also because Noisyvelvetness was starting to slowly become a success because of certain projects I participated into I decided to connect my dream to a name and that is exactly how Studio Noisyvelvetness started as it is now. The reason why it's called Studio Noisyvelvetness is because I don't want to focus on one certain thing. I am interested in all aspects of art meaning that I love contemporary art but also graphic design. I am currently studying graphic design and I would love to combine that with my Noisyvelvetness aesthetic, so Studio Noisyvelvetness is a media mixed design studio consisting of my work as an artist. 

The meaning of the word Noisyvelvetness consists of two words brought together as one. You have the word 'Noisy' and the word 'Velvetness'. Noisy stands for my art because my art is noisy and differently translated also very outspoken.. Velvetness stands for the subtlety of the design pieces like the jewelry that I make, the jewelry is made from old jewelry that is donated to me, so I produce new jewelry from it. This means that new products are made from previous generations. With the jewelry  there are up to five copies for sale there is a guarantee that there is a unique piece for everyone. My art is all original so that means that you'll always get a unique piece of it.


My dream has always been to create a more creative concept store.  Things that are guaranteed to be unique and irreplaceable things you can only get one pair of. And that is exactly what Noisyvelvetness is about, it is about having a unique irreplaceable object that is not produced by mass production. It visions the idea of recycling materials and giving a new life to the old things that formed previous generations. Especially for the jewellery that I personally make is giving old materials a new life a really relevant point. Noisyvelvetness for me is the place where I can put my artistry out without feeling limited and judged. I can relive the passions that I have for many different art aspects like film, photography, poetry, fine art, fashion and much more.


I would describe my  work as something that circles in between illustrations & collages. For the subjects that I use in my artwork I especially look at color , composition, shape and connect it with spirituality.  However I don't want to label my art a certain way or even label it in a certain art movement. In the beginning Noisyvelvetness was something that I saw as a platform for development and to personally see but also share my artistic process and values as a still beginning artist, however I still want to keep it that way. I am open to development and innovations when it comes down to mold my own artistic process and mind.  I do have subjects that spark my interest when I am making my art , I am interested in the way color creates forms and some of my illustrations have some undertones of political statements and subjects going on in our society. No matter what I am doing I would say that the aesthetic plays a huge role in making work for Noisyvelvetness , I would even say that the aesthetic is what makes it a work of Noisyvelvetness. 



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